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A Guide To Choosing Refrigerators

By bloggerexpert On December 13, 2009

In America we have gotten used to having plenty of labor saving devices in the kitchen. One of the most important of these devices is the refrigerator. We include a list of things to think about when thinking about buying a new refrigerator. This list is by no means exhaustive but should actually be used to assist you in choosing a new refrigerator for your kitchen. (See Large Refrigerators)

1) Size. This should be one of your first considerations. (Check out Bottom Freezer Refrigerators). You should make sure you measure the area where you think you want the refrigerator to go. This includes height, width and depth. Use those measurements when you goto the local store. Remember there are a number of different size refrigerators available. (i.e Counter Depth Refrigerators)

2) Capacity. This should be one of the next things you think about when looking to purchase a Jenn Air Refrigerator. This decision should involve how large your family is and how often you shop. Capacities for refrigerators usually run from 9-30 cubic feet. For example, a family of four will require about 10 cubic feet of storage for food. This number is about 4 cubic feet for freezer space. These numbers are valid for a stainless steel refrigerator as well.

3) Configuration. The following thing that should be looked at is the overall capacity.  (i.e. As in a French Door Refrigerator) This will involve a choice between four different design categories. Top mounts which involve the freezer on top, bottom mounts which have the freezer on the bottom and finally under the counter drawer units. The most popular will be the top and side-by-side mounts. (Samsung Refrigerator)

4) Features. There are so many features that we can’t of course name all of them here. Some of the more popular ones include water dispensers, refrigerator ice maker and in the door ice makers. Other popular features include adjustable shelves, sliding and pull out shelves that can be positioned horizontally or vertically. And of course built-in water filters. (see Aj Madison Refrigerators)

5) Finishes. There are a number of different finishes that are available for your selection. (See Refrigerator Water Dispenser) These include stainless steel, black, white and a number of other finishes and colors. One of the more popular finishes is stainless steel but it does tend to be hard to clean. (i.e. Large Side By Side Refrigerator)

6) Energy Options. Making these choices can be important because your refrigerator will run all day every day. The newer models tend to be much more energy efficient then the older models due to more precision temperature controls and insulating techniques.

 We have looked at a number of different options available that should be looked at when considering a new refrigerator. These included size, capacity, configuration, features, finishes and energy options. By including these with your purchase selections you will make a better  overall decision.