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Is The Winter Depressing Or What?

By bloggerexpert On November 20, 2009 Under General

I live in the Windy city and we can boast some of the best set of cultural and outdoor activities of any city in the Country (i.e. during the summer). However, when the winter comes around just the thought of having to go outside in the single digit and often negative wind chill weather can be depressing in and of itself. But I think living in a location that actually has dramatic seasonal weather changes can have some interesting positives. For instance, you will often see the lakefront during the summer filled with runners, bikers, joggers, skaters and etc. This is because they are making sure they enjoy each and every day of the Summer knowing it will end in a few months. I also think with the season changes that people tend to be a lot more productive during the winter months in anticipation of Summer returning.