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A Blogger’s Rant

By bloggerexpert On August 26, 2009 Under General

I’m in the blogging clan. That’s just plain mean.

I’m #1 in this area. or least I would like to think so. This was a dramatic discovery fo rme. Based upon the given criteria, I would say blogging passes. I want to avoid feeling dumb about it.

When blogging I suggest starting smaller and simpler. If you thought that article marketing was a necessity because of traffic then try this.   I’m using some tight security on this one. You can’t see it now, but you don’t want to skip this. I’m hopping mad about  social bookmarking. With my last post about  social bookmarking we got to go a bit old school. I found this really great site that solved my problem. If and when I remember it I will post the link to it here. Since I already offer unique and new solutions to blogging!