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Tiger Woods And The Master’s

By bloggerexpert On April 15, 2010 Under General

If you are a big golfing fan like me or even if you aren’t then I am sure you have probably heard all of the hoopla surrounding Tiger Wood’s return to golf at the Masters. There seemed to be an equal split between those that wanted to see him do well and those that seemed to want him to do poorly. I think it really came down to what individuals looked at as something that was personal and separated from the game of golf or those that felt it was all intertwined. I think the other main issue was the fact of people believing that famous sports personalities are role models and those that believe that they are just famous sports personalities. I tend to think about it in the latter mode because I feel like just because someone has figured out a way to put a ball into a hole better then most of us does not qualify them to be a role model. Same thing applies in just about every other area of human endeavor. Just my opinion