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New Years Fitness Resolutions

By bloggerexpert On April 14, 2010 Under Health And Fitness

Were you one of probably millions of people that set New Year’s Eve resolutions surrounding their health or fitness plans for the upcoming year? If so then how far have you gotten with them thus far? Did you have a plan of action in place or did you merely state a wish and hoped it would somehow happen for you? Let’s look at what you could have done or can still do to make that wish more of a living and breathing goal.

First Steps

Let’s start off with what your wish is and then think about some of the higher level activities that will have to happen in order to make it a goal with a time-line of completion and a set of activities. Is there a sequence or ordering involved with these activities? Are there other things that have to be in place before you can start any of them? The goal for this initial step is to get everything on paper and in the order it will probably happen. Now for each activity you have written down you should try to fit it into either a daily or weekly recurring task. Taking this step insures you never find yourself in the position of not knowing what to do next!